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Panasonic PT-LB60NTU
Simple & Flexible Wireless Projection

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The PT-LB60NTU features a wireless LAN function. There are no cables to connect other than the power cord, so setup is quick and easy and you have full layout flexibility. Featuring a host of convenient wireless functions, the PT-LB60NTU enhances the projection applications. In addition, it incorporates Panasonic’s original Daylight View 2 technology, which makes images easy to see even in brightly lit rooms.



Easy Wireless Projection


The World’s Fastest Data Transfer*1

Boasting wireless data transmission at five times the speed of our conventional model*2, the PT-LB60NTU provides a smooth display of moving picture files*3 at 30 fps*4.


Wireless PC Motion/Sound Streaming

In addition to the moving pictures, audio data can be sent at the same time, so you can give Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations rich in moving pictures and sound effects with wireless convenience.


Abundant Wireless Functions

The provides a host of convenient wireless functions, including Wireless Prompter (Secondary Display Transmission), selective area transmission and 16- window index style that lets you project images from up to 16 PCs at the same time. Wireless transmission is possible from one PC to a maximum of eight projectors at a time.


Simple, User-Friendly Operation

The settings for wireless connection can be made quickly and easily using Wireless Manager ME 3.0 software, which installs easily onto a PC using the included CD-ROM. You can also copy Wireless Manager onto a memory card and take it to a presentation

site. This gives you wireless projection even where there are no PCs with Wireless Manager ME 3.0*5. When the Wireless Manager ME 3.0 is finished, the PC’s LAN settings are restored to their original state, so the PC is ready to reconnect to your company LAN.


Other Wireless Features

• Projector control/status monitoring capability via an Internet browser

• Automatic connection to registered projectors

• The security method complies with WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK.

• The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used for all communication encryption.

• Wireless shutter function

• One-shot mode

• PowerPoint® page up/down operation using the supplied remote control



Daylight View 2


Looks max. 50% brighter

Panasonic’s Daylight View 2 technology, which helps project sharp, crisp images that are easy to see even in brightly lit rooms. A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, and the halftone colors and brightness level are adjusted accordingly in real-time. Viewing brightness is increased by as much as 50%*7.



High Power and Portability


Ultra-High Brightness

Thanks to a high-performance optical system and high-efficiency 220-W UHM™ lamp, the PT-LB60NTU delivers an ultrabright 3,200 lumens. Sharp, crisp images are easy to see.


Ultra-Lightweight and Compact

Weighing only 5.7 pounds, the PT-LB60NTU is easy to carry even with a laptop. Also, it packs powerful functions into a compact body—12-27/32½ wide by 9-5/32½ deep and only 3-1/4½ high. Each slips easily into a bag or briefcase.



Quick Operation


Two-Second Speed Start

With Speed Start, the image appears in about two seconds after you press the power button.


Auto Search

When a source is connected and you switch the unit on, it automatically detects what kind of source is connected and begins projection.


Real-Time Keystone Correction

The projector automatically senses if you adjust its angle (vertical direction) during operation and instantly makes whatever keystone correction is necessary for optimum viewing.


Direct Power Off

You can disconnect the power cable and move the projector as soon as your presentation is finished, because the cooling fan keeps operating until the lamp is cooled. For fixed installation systems, this means you can turn off the room’s main power without waiting for the projector to cool down.


Other Features

• Operation assistance

• Short-throw zoom lens

• Anti-theft features: User password, control panel lock and text superimposing

• Projector AI

• Index Window

• Auto power off

• Two RGB inputs

• RGB 2 IN can be switched to RGB 1 OUT for loop-through monitoring

• HDTV compatibility

• Full compatibility with sRGB colour space for accurate colour reproduction (in natural mode)

• Picture mode selection (standard/dynamic/ natural)

• Blackboard mode allows you to project images onto an ordinary classroom or conference room blackboard

• 3x digital zoom

• Shutter function for image/sound muting

• Selectable 17-language on-screen menu

• Ceiling mountable (option)


*1 As of February 7, 2006, according to our own evaluation of wireless transmission from PC to projector.

*2 PT-LB20NTU.

*3 Content and DVDs set with DRM (Digital Rights Management) cannot be transmitted.

*4 For moving picture files in QVGA size.

*5 Transmission will be slower and certain functions are not available compared to when using a computer that has the software installed. Also, certain functions may not be available. (Please see operating instruction for details.)

*6 With Wireless Manager ME 3.0, you can use the projector screen as a secondary monitor for the PC. In this setup, Microsoft® PowerPoint® must be set to “Show Presenter View.”

*7 Comparison with Daylight View 2 turned On and Off, using an 80-inch screen and ordinary meeting room lighting of 400 lux. (Screen gain: 2.6)


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