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Panasonic BB-HNP11CE
Grabación hasta 12 cámaras JPEG

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  • Recording or Playing Images with Audio Motion Detection
  • Recording and Timer-recording Functions
  • Recorded Image Searches
  • Recording Capacity Limit Automatic Backup

* This product can be used only when IPv4 connection is used.
* To use the voice and image recording program, it is necessary to complete the user registration over the Internet and obtain a password. Without the user registration, this function is restricted.
* Program installation requires 20 MB of hard disk space.
* The number of camera units allowed for simultaneous recording varies depending on the PC performance.
* Use of the program may cause voice transmission to be interrupted or moving images to stop in some cases, depending on the PC's performance and the network environment.
* Compatible Network Cameras:
All Panasonic models*1
*1 Recording of the HCM5xx's MPEG-4 and SXGA (1280 x 1024-dot) images is not supported.


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